To purchase a yearbook please use the below link:


How do I order a yearbook?
When will yearbooks be here?
Yearbooks should arrive by the beginning of September. They will be distributed during lunch and available after 
How do I pick up a book for a student who graduated?
Books for graduates will be shipped via Momentus. 
 What if I didn't order a year book and I want one?
Copies of the books will be put on sale two weeks after the books arrive. They will be sold on a first come, first serve 
What if I can’t remember if I ordered a yearbook?
What if I paid for a yearbook and you don't have the order?
Email us at we will double check the order. If we do not find your order, and you believe 
you did send it in, a canceled check will be necessary. 
Senior picture Questions
 When are senior pictures due?
Senior pictures are due by January 31st. 
What are the specifications for the senior pictures? 
How do I know if you received the picture we sent in?
Go here: 
What if I do not get my student's picture in on time? 
We will make every effort to use the student's school identification picture in place of a senior picture. Students who 
do not get senior pictures taken and do not show up for picture day will not appear in the senior section of the 
Senior Ad Questions
How do I put a senior ad in the yearbook?
Misc. Questions
What if my senior ad didn't appear in the book? 
If you believe you paid for a senior ad and it did not appear in the book, please email us 
What if my student's underclassmen picture didn't appear in the book? 
Only students who had their picture taken on picture day appear in the class section of the book. We are given these 
pictures on a CD by Lifetouch, the company who does our school pictures. We then turn this CD over to the yearbook 
What if my student's senior picture didn't appear in the book? 
All efforts to include every senior in the book are taken. Oftentimes, seniors either do not turn in a picture, or did so 
after the deadline. If we do not receive a senior picture from your student, we attempted to use their school 
identification picture. 
What if I have a complaint or issue with the book? 
Please remember that the yearbook is a student-produced publication. Regrettably mistakes of varying sorts and 
omissions are bound to occur. Feel free to email us at
 How do I get my student in yearbook next year? 
Prospective students must apply to be accepted into yearbook. Juniors are given priority as they usually take the 
class again their senior year and have foundations to create a successful yearbook. First year senior yearbook 
students fill in the remaining spots if there are any available. 
What if my question was not addressed here? 

Email us at