Mason School Board Adopts Snow Day Alternative, Asks ODE to Approve Plan

After using the district’s fifth snow day on January 21, Mason City Schools superintendent Dr. Gail Kist-Kline asked the school board to approve a calamity day make up plan that would give students an alternative to making up days at the end of the year. The board approved the plan during its regularly scheduled January 21 meeting, and will ask the Ohio Department of Education to approve the calamity day alternative make-up plan.
Under Ohio Revised Code, a board of education may file an annual plan with the Ohio Department of Education to provide online learning opportunities for students in lieu of attendance on such excess days. The calamity day alternative make-up plan kicks in after a school district uses its five calamity days. It requires each classroom teacher to develop lessons requiring equal or more instructional time that the student would receive for three school days in his or her teacher’s class. The lessons will be posted on Edline, the district’s secure online portal for accessing assignments and grades.
The district’s teachers union, the Mason Education Association, also agreed to the plan as called for by law.
“It is critical that our instruction not be interrupted. Losing five to eight days of learning in one trimester hurts the pace of our curriculum. If we can use technology to keep our curriculum moving, this helps us stay on pace. At the middle and high school levels, many of us will not have the same students at the end of third trimester that we have during the middle of second trimester. We need academic access to our students each day, so Edline can help us maintain our connection with our students even when the weather prevents our face to face contact so that learning continues!” said Karrie Strickland, MEA president.
Each student has two weeks to complete the lesson.  If the student does not complete the lesson within the two-week time period, the student will receive an incomplete or failing grade unless a reason sufficient to the teacher is provided.
Students without access to a computer will be permitted to complete the posted lessons at school after school reopens.  Students utilizing this option will be granted two weeks from the date of reopening to complete their lessons.  If the student does not complete the lesson within this time period, he or she will receive an incomplete or failing grade unless a reason sufficient to the teacher is provided.  The district will provide access to district computers before, during, or after the school day (provided that the equipment is available and accessible at those times) or may provide a substantially similar paper lesson in order for students to complete the assignments.
“This has been a winter for the record books. This equitable plan will help ensure that students are accessing what they need for their coursework without having to make up days way into the summer,” said Dr. Kist-Kline.
Article from: Staffgram