Hispanic Heritage Festival 2014

The Spanish National Honors Society is going to have spirit week September 22nd- September 26th.  It is a fun way of celebrating Hispanic Heritage month.  Every day there will be a different theme:
·         Monday: Soccer Jersey Day
·         Tuesday: Sombrero Day
·         Wednesday: Dora and Diego Day
·         Thursday: Speak in Spanish Day
·         Friday: Red and Yellow Day
On October 7th, please join the Spanish National Honors Society again in the large commons at Mason High School from 2:15 until 4 p.m.  Tickets may be purchased during lunch beginning October 2nd-3rd for $3 and October 6th - 7th for $5 as well at the door. Your ticket will buy you a trip to another culture.
“The Hispanic Heritage Festival is to illustrate cultural awareness and to celebrate people in our community who are Hispanic” Ortaga said.
·         Activity’s to do there:
o   Great Food
o   Face Painting
o   Zumba
o   Performance
o   Dancing
o   Limbo
o   Prizes