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Senior Pics

Senior picture Questions


 When are senior pictures due?


Senior pictures are due by January 31st. 




What are the specifications for the senior pictures? 


Personal Learning Day

Instead of reporting to school on Personal Learning Days, students will choose or design their own learning experiences. Personal Learning Days empower students to pursue learning that inspires, engages, or connects with their interests and goals. The District will provide a framework and a variety of learning opportunities, and families and students will have a choice in how they accomplish those learning objectives. This is a student/family/community learning opportunity, and there will be time to collect and celebrate the learning.

Winter Weather Protocols

Here’s how Mason City Schools Superintendent Dr. Gail Kist-Kline makes the decision to have school, delay or close.
The decision process starts early. School officials monitor multiple forecasting tools, travel the roads, and check the actual conditions. The City of Mason and Deerfield Township provide great service in clearing and maintaining our community’s streets.
The perfect scenario is when six inches of snow is on the ground and the weather is obvious. However, many times the decision requires judging multiple factors.
Safety First