ACT Test Information

Special Activities for March 21, 2017 Junior ACT 9th &10th Grade Homeroom Activity Senior Late Arrival
Juniors - New! As part of the Ohio state college readiness initiative, our school will administer the state funded ACT Tuesday, March 21, 2017, to all juniors. The ACT assessment is one of the leading US college admissions tests and an excellent measurement of our students’ academic readiness for college. It is critical that all students are present, on time, and prepared to do their best. Please be sure that students get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. While this ACT will not offer the optional writing portion, many students may want to use this score to submit to colleges which do not require writing or for colleges that Superscore. In any case, the feedback that students garner from this test will be invaluable as baseline data for students, helping them to understand if they need additional preparation in specific subject areas on the ACT.
Juniors at Scarlet Oaks need to see your lab teachers to sign up for the assessment. Scarlet students will report to the high school Harvard Room at 7:15 AM and can go home after testing.
Freshmen and Sophomores will participate in a homeroom activity. They should report to school on time, as normal, and report directly to their homerooms. Information on the activities will be provided soon.
Seniors have late arrival. Students should be in the building by 11:40 AM; class starts at 11:50 A.M. Students should enter through the Small Commons and Attendance doors only. Doors to Pods A, B, and Z will be locked. Buses will travel at the regular time each morning. Seniors who must ride the bus at its normal time will report directly to the Large Commons for study hall.