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Google Science Fair

Google's search reputation is ubiquitous. Not only can Google spit out the answer to just about any question you might have, the tech giant also knows how to search for budding scientists from around the globe who have creative solutions for today's problems!

College Fair 2015

College Fair is coming to Mason this year on September 14th. This years College Fair is hosting a variety of schools from around the nation in order to cator to every students interests. The schools will have information about the admission processes, athletics, daily lifestyle on campus, and much more. Students last year were able to figure out information they never knew, while also getting in contact with offical admission officers from schools. In order to find more information on your future colege come visit the College Fair. 

Interim Principal

On June 26, Mason City Schools Superintendent Dr. Gail Kist-Kline announced that she will recommend that the Board of Education appoint Dave Hyatt as the Interim Principal of Mason High School for the 2015-2016 school year.
“With a compressed search timeline, we needed to invest more time in involving stakeholders in this process. Consequently, I am very grateful that Mr. Hyatt graciously accepted stepping up to lead an extraordinary school for the next year,” said Dr. Kist-Kline.

MHS Graduation

The 2015 graduation ceremony will take place at the Cintas Center on the campus of Xavier University on Sunday May 24, 2015. Graduation rehersal - seniors will meet in the small commons at 7:00 a.m. to board busses to go to the cintas center, if your permission slip hasnt been turned in, you will not be allowed to ride the bus to the rehearsal.
Monday, May 18th                                          Tuesday, May 19th                                                                          Wednesday, May 20th                                   

Close Parking (B9)

    Wouldn't you like a chance to win the closest parking spot at school? I sure would! Imagine how much gas you would save, or how much more sleep you could get. It's pretty simple to enter for a chance at the B9 parking spot (located outside B pod), all you have to do is transact at Comet Savings & Loan for your chance for a more successful life and more sleep! Happy Banking!


  Roberts Centre, Wilmington, Ohio (71N to US-68, Exit 50. Turn Left on US-68 and turn right at the intersection just past Wendy’s. Drive to the back of building to enter).

Nerf Madness

Nerf Madness hosted by NHS
Saturday, Feb 28. @ MHS
This is a new event similar to NERF Wars and all of the proceeds go directly to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society through our Pasta for Pennies campaign. Our prize basket for the winning team is comprised of a variety of sport/athletic related items.

MHS Talent Show

From juggling to singing; from backflips to hidden talents…
Talent is coming your way from William Mason High School!
Talented students around William Mason High School will be performing Friday, February 6th in the High School Auditorium
It’ll be starting at 5pm and tickets will be sold at lunches for $7 and $10 at the door.
Get ready for uncontrollable laughter and extraordinary performances!
We hope to see you there!