Chronicle Earns another Gold



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The Chronicle


Contact: Ariel Jones


Public Relations Coordinator


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The Mason High School newspaper, The Chronicle, received the prestigious merit of 


placing as a 2013-2014 top-rated gold medalist for the Columbia Scholastic Press 


Association’s critique of print and digital media.


The Chronicle was judged for a series of criteria, including print masthead, front pages, 


bylines, photo credits, art credits, folio, teasers, and columns.


According to a CSPA judge, content and staff editorials were a large influence in the 


“Love the tweets to the editor feature; good staff editorial,” the reviewer said. “Staff 


editorials are so important in establishing editorial leadership.”


“Online media is also essential to The Chronicle’s success. Their publication’s website, 


the CSPN, makes content available to a more broad audience.” 


“Overall, the multiple elements of the digital publishing are outstanding,” the reviewer 


said. “There is so much for everyone; just as NBC advertises itself as a ‘must see’ TV, 


CSPN is a ‘must visit daily’ site. There is so much rich and relevant content.”


2013-2015 Editor-in-Chief Sheila Raghavendran credits this award to the publication’s 


 “The Chronicle is always on the hunt to improve,” Raghavendran said. “We take the 


suggestions from the CSPA judges very seriously and use them to better our publication. 


Receiving the Gold Medalist for last year's issues is a great honor because it reaffirms the 


Pictured: (left to right) Managing Editor Erin Brush, Editor-n-Chief Sheila Raghavendran, Photo 


Editor Madison Krell, Lay-out and Composition Editor Gabrielle Stichweh.