MHS Canned Food Drive

Occuring during the week of Octorber 20th-24th. SIBS will be collecting cans and donations when they visit your second bell daily throughout the week.
October 13, 2014- It is time again in Mason High School for the canned food drive.
The Mason Food Pantry asks the Mason Community to come together to donate canned food to feed the less fortunate members of our neighborhood. According to Jeff Schlaeger, the administrators of the canned food drive, this one week brings our district together.
Every year the school gives students incentives for donating. In the past year when the students reach the goal, Schlaeger had shaved his head.
This year, the SIBS have decided to nominate Vance Reid and Cody Kreager to get students pumped up for the can food drive. We exceeded last year’s goal and expect this year to be have even more success.