Business Scholarship Awarded to Mason Senior

Business Scholarship Awarded to Mason Senior


September 19, 2014- The sheer sound of $1,000 scholarship brings a smile to anyones face.

Jillian Tishcer, a senior, won a $1,000 scholarship to Kent State. She had to write an essay based her interest in business and why she thought the essay project would benefit her. She said it benefitted her because she wasn’t really sure what division of business she wanted to go into. She listened to online lectures—marketing one day, business another. Listening to these lectures helped determine what she wanted to major in.

“It was an awesome experience.” Tishcer said. “I had a fun time working with my group.”  

She ended up having to give a final presentation with a group in front of a panel of judges. Shortly after they presented the group found out that each person had won the $1,000 dollar scholarship.

“I was shocked,” Tischer said. “But we came together really well in the final moments.”