MHS Science Olympiad Team Heads to State Tournament

The Mason High School Science Olympiad team will represent our community once again in state-level competition. This year’s state tournament takes place April 26 in Columbus.
The MHS team qualified after a sterling performance at the regional tournament on March 1.The school sent two groups to the regional high-school-level competition, and the teams showed their strength by coming in first and second respectively. In fact, every MHS competitor placed in at least one event during regionals!
“I’m so proud of our students! Although Science Olympiad is a competitive event, these events are team competitions requiring teamwork, group planning, and cooperation. Our students understand the power of collaboration, and that’s one of the reasons they are so successful!” said Aimee Hansen, MHS science teacher and MHS Science Olympiad team coach.
MHS Regional Science Olympiad Results
Anatomy & Physiology: Sunny Chen, Jacob Fields 
Boomilever: Angela Wei, Andrea Oh 
Bungee Drop: Jessica Sun, David Liao Impound, Walk-in
Chemistry Lab: Derek Shu, Stephanie Li 
Disease Detectives: Nancy Yao, Mel Groenewold 
Dynamic Planet: Kedi Hu, Lauren Shen 
Experimental Design: Michael Chen, Cathy Lin, Jacob Fields 
GeoLogic Mapping: Kedi Hu, Swetha Chandrasekar 
Materials Science: Tiffany Yu, Jessica Xiang 
Water Quality: Stephanie Li, Derek Shu 

Compound Machines: Alvin Zhang, Richard Wu
Disease Detectives: Jessica Sun, Michael Chen
Dynamic Planet: Sunny Chen, Anthony Wang
Elastic Launched Glider: Joanna Li, Judy Xie
Entomology: Judy Xie, Michael Chen
Experimental Design: Tiffany Yu, Angela Wei, Andrea Oh
GeoLogic Mapping: Anthony Wang, Alice Zhang
Materials Science: David Wang, Derek Shu
Mission Possible: Sunny Chen, Jacob Fields
Rocks and Minerals: Anthony Wang, Alice Zhang
Technical Problem Solving: David Liao, Richard Wu

Astronomy: Joanna Li, Alvin Zhang
Boomilever: Stephanie Li, Alice Zhang
Bungee Drop: Kevin Li, Nancy Yao
Chemistry Lab: Angela Wei, Jessica Xiang
Compound Machines: Mihir Kotian, Matthew Liao
Rocks and Minerals: Mel Groenewold, Lauren Shen
Scrambler: Alvin Zhang, David Wang
Technical Problem Solving: Kevin Li, Justin Zhang

Designer Genes: David Wang, David Liao
Water Quality: Kedi Hu, Matthew Liao
Write It, Do It: Lauren Shen, Nancy Yao

Astronomy: Dennison Min, Matthew Liao
Forensics: Tiffany Yu, Justin Zhang
MagLev: Andrea Oh, Aditya Jog

Anatomy & Physiology: Mel Groenewold, Jessica Xiang
Circuit Lab: Richard Wu, Cathy Lin
Designer Genes: Angela Wei, Jessica Xiang
Mission Possible: Dennison Min, Justin Zhang
Story from: Staffgram