Mason Students Star in Lunch Video about Making “My Plate” Complete


Mason students were welcomed back to school with a greater variety of healthy food selections on their cafeteria’s menu. But, along with those new selections, came some new rules.

“We can’t say it too much -- fruits and vegetables are the star attraction as we start the school year. To make lunch a complete meal, students must take at least one fruit or one vegetable,” said Tamara Earl, Child Nutrition Supervisor.

The new guidelines follow the revised nutrition standards for the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program and the USDA’s MyPlate.  A complete lunch consists of five food components: grains (part of entrée), protein (part of entrée), fruits, vegetables and milk.  Under the new guidelines, students must choose at least three of the five listed food components and one must be a fruit or vegetable.


Video Shows How Lunch Makes Your Plate Complete

Earl wanted to develop a video for families to see what a complete meal looks like. “It was really important to me that students are invited to take a fruit and vegetable, and that their families understand our new guidelines,” explained Earl.

During one of the district’s “Team Nutrition” meetings last year, Assistant Principal Tom Doerflein suggested that a video just might do the trick.

MECC first graders in Brenda Ahlers, Dona Mason and Kim Lovett’s classrooms starred in the video, and MHS choir students under the direction of Elaine Santos rehearsed and performed the catchy “Let’s All Go to the Lunch Room” song that is featured in the production.

“This has been a team effort. The whole Child Nutrition Department has been involved, and I’m so grateful for the help of [former MECC Music teacher] Doug Parrott and Mrs. Santos.”


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